CCTV upgrade in West Berkshire

Case Study: High End Residential CCTV Installation Stately home CCTV upgrade in West Berkshire

The Background

This customer, the owner of a prestigious property in West Berkshire, contacted NWAS to upgrade their CCTV cameras and infrastructure. The current CCTV system had become unreliable and was beginning to fail. They wanted to upgrade the cameras to the latest technology and for us to install a new network/data infrastructure across the site so to future-proof the system. 

The customer wanted new cameras in the existing locations and 4 additional cameras added to the system in new locations. The upgraded cameras provided superior images and the new cameras increased security in areas they felt lacked coverage and left them vulnerable.

What We Did

Following a site survey and several customer meetings, we submitted a proposal and quotation for the client to review. The new CCTV cameras needed to be a minimum of 1080p HD and the customer needed to have full control and monitoring capability via their security office and in the main house. 

The customer had a couple of incredibly important technical and design requirements. Due to where the property is situated, the cameras had to supply crystal clear images in low-light. Furthermore, the property in question is a beautiful stately home, so we had to be considerate when selecting cameras that would blend into the aesthetic of the property and its surroundings.

Furthermore, new CCTV poles were installed in new camera positions around the gardens.

The Outcome

With security for the family and property in mind, the new upgraded system provides complete crystal clear coverage around the property. The old failing system left them vulnerable to thieves and intruders by delivering poor images at best and no images at worst. 

Upon handover the customer was fully trained on the use of the system.