Fire Alarm Systems​​

NWA incorporating 3rd Eye Fire & Safety provide the best in Fire Detection and Alert solutions

Fire Alarm Survey & Design

We provide a fast and friendly survey service to establish your exact needs. It is very important that we examine your requirements thoroughly, before offering advice or recommending a suitable solution. We will come and discuss your budget, survey the premises thoroughly and give you expert advice on fire risk and safety procedures. Once we are fully aware of your situation, we can specify a customised system and present our solution along with a written explanation and an estimate to undertake the work.

At a glance

  • Quick response to any query
  • One phone call takes care of it all
  • Surveys of your Premises for a Fire Alarm System 
  • Presentation of survey results and recommendations
  • No obligation estimation
  • System Designs & Certification

Fire Alarm Survey and Systems Design

Fire Alarm Installation         

Once the new system design has been agreed, we will arrange a suitable time for our industry standard trained engineer to come and install it. From fire-proof cabling, to smoke-detection-devices, manual call points and fire alarm sounders, we will install and programme the entire system with expert care and attention.

Every new installation comes with a FREE parts and labour warranty for a year.

We currently install fire detection systems throughout the North West of Ireland, in all industries and a variety of well known companies within the private and public sector. Whatever size or type of business you are in, we have the knowledge and experience to install the right system for you.

At a glance

  • Cost savings on installations and system upgrades compared with leading fire alarm companies
  • Industry standard trained installation and commissioning engineers
  • FREE parts and labour warranty for a year on new installations
  • The option to be connected to a remote central station for fire alarm response
  • All work carried out in accordance with Irish Standard IS3218 or British Standard 5839

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm System Commissioning       

New fire detection systems have to be commissioned to verify that they have been appropriately designed, installed, tested and comply with industry standards. Without an official fire certificate of commissioning, the system would not be deemed as acceptable by the relevant authorities.

At NWAS, we include testing and commissioning in our overall estimate, to make sure there are no additional costs or hidden surprises.

For systems that have been installed by an electrician or another contractor, we are more than happy to offer a commissioning service to test and certify that the system meets the required standards.

At a glance

  • Responsible for industry standard commissioning
  • Commissioning included in our estimated price
  • Commissioning service available for systems installed by other contractors
  • Industry standard trained engineers
  • All work carried out in accordance with Irish Standard IS3218 & British Standard BS5839

Fire Alarm Installation Commissioning

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