Emergency Lighting

As an established and expereinced provider in specifying, installing and maintaing Emergency Lighting Systems, NWA  can provide comprehensive range of high-quality LED emergency Lighting luminaires and systems.

Exit signage and emergency lighting is required in Ireland, North & South in all commercial, industrial and business environments as well as schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums and local authority facilities.

The purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure lighting is provided promptly, automatically and for a designated time when the normal power supply to a facility fails to ensure that people within the building can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency.

emergency lighting emergency luminaire

Emergency lighting can be provided by means of self-contained batteries mounted within an emergency luminaire or via a central battery wired via a dedicated network to  emergency light fittings.

NWA experience in self-contained emergency luminaires, exit sign luminaires, central battery systems, addressable automatic testing and associated systems, comes from our recent acquisition of 3rd Eye Fire & Safety which brings to our customers an unmatched pool of knowledge and expertise developed over the last 25 years.

NWA can now offer a full integration and commissioning package to our customers for all their lighting projects. Our NWA Emergency Lighting team will take responsibility for the delivery of your project from our first proposal meeting to the successful handover of the lighting installation to the end user. 

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