"Security You Can Trust"


Controlling access to your home or business with the latest advancements in technology is an excellent way to create a more secure environment and improve your own peace of mind.

Access control systems are a sophisticated and technologically advanced way of controlling access to a certain area such as a building, office or home. These systems are an excellent way of improving security as you are able to have great deal of control over who is and isn’t able to access different parts of a premises.

Northwest can design, supply and install access control systems to suit your specific requirements, whether it be to control access to your home or business, we have you covered and provide a range of different access control systems and motorised gates.

The different levels of access control systems we provide can range from a simple door entry system or gate intercom to more advanced systems capable of storing detailed records of access history. These more advanced systems are also able to control and restrict an individual’s level of access to certain areas, should it be required.

Door Entry

Access control systems are the perfect way to control who has access to your building by providing a secure yet flexible solution. Systems can be PC based allowing you to control access levels, user rights, time zones etc or for smaller sites you can opt for a simpler standalone system. Over the years we have built up strong relationships with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of access control equipment allowing us to then provide you with the best result.

There are many applications for access control systems that could help you improve the efficiency of your business. With the right system you can:

  • Control and restrict access to certain areas of a building
  • Create a roll call of who is in the building
  • Monitor time and attendance of employees

Gate Automation

We supply and install a complete range of gates and gate automation equipment, including GSM controllers, intercoms and Key fobs.