IP & HD CCTV Systems

"Security You Can Trust"


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems are now common-place across all business sectors and are becoming more and more popular in Schools, Colleges and private dwellings.

Everyone needs to be security conscious and CCTV is now an accessible option for most requirements.

CCTV systems act as a real deterrent against criminal activity, as the likelihood of being identified is very high.

Modern systems are Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm with our new CCTV systems they provide various features that realize accurate alarms for human and vehicle, as well as quick target search, maximizing resources to increase overall efficiency.
We also install People counting & Flow Control solutions designed with visual alerts, A prefect solution for retail applications at this time.

Video Verification

CCTV systems offer stakeholders and owners the opportunity to view and analyse activity in real time with images being stored in electronic files for review and logging of events. The affordability of IP technology has made CCTV even more attractive as a means of protecting your property and possessions, allowing you to monitor your premises around the clock. However, CCTV is not restricted solely to security applications and in fact can be used widely in a number of different ways to bring efficiencies to your business. Whether it is a single camera system or an integrated camera network,  North West Alarms can cater to all your needs. Many different components go into making up a CCTV system so every installation we carry out is tailor made to suit your requirements.

Remote Monitoring

Having the status of your security system monitored 24/7 is the most effective way of reducing the risk to your property.

Several options are available to you as you consider what type of monitoring system best meets your needs. There is a whole range of monitoring solutions available, suitable for every risk and budget, from self monitoring through to a 24/7  Arc Monitoring.